Luca Rossetti


Expert in any kind of haircare


I was born in the town of Cremona, Italy where I started my career as a hairdresser. My insatiable curiosity drove me to move into other realities where fashion played a big roll. And it enriched me both personally and professionally. 

I am very inspired by both classic styles from past eras, and from a future that still doesn't exist. I enjoy mixing shapes, colors and modern textures to create unique works of art. Experience, sensitivity, creativity, individuality and the desire to continue to grow are fundamental to me. They are my keys to reach a fantastic final product. 

With more than 15 years of experience as a hairstylist stretching across fashion meccas like Milan, London, Madrid, Ibiza and Los Angeles, I'm increasingly seduced by the creative world of fashion in all its forms and colors.


I am devoted to my passion of artistic hairstyling and personal haircare and I am always happy to meet and learn from those who have the same love for creativity.




I live for beauty, I am a beautician. 

I live for magic, I am a magician.

I live for transformation, I am a healer. 

I look inside your eyes, that take me to your heart.

Then I create something unique only for you, to express your infinite beauty and present it to the world.



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